The Nova Scotia Provincial Council is comprised of the elected Officers and the Diocesan Presidents.

The first President was Mrs. Hugh MacAdam (deceased) of the Diocese of Antigonish from 1948 to 1950.
Our first Spiritual Advisor was Rt. Rev. W.J. Burns, D.P., V.G., P.P. (deceased) of the Archdiocese of Halifax from 1948 to 1962.

Member Recognition

* Indicates Deceased

Honorary Life Members

Antigonish Diocese

Dorothy Brocklehurst *
Irene LeFort

Halifax-Yarmouth Diocese

Marguerite Burns *
Danielle McNeil Hessian
        Alice Egan Hagan*
Sheilah Pellerine*

Life Members

Antigonish Diocese

Donna Bates
Joan Bona
Florence Khattar*
Irene Lamey *
        Julie LeLievre  
Marilyn MacDonald
Claire MacDonnell
Doreen MacDonnell
Shirley MacDougall *
        Peggy MacNeil
Cecile Miller
        Gladys Pineau*
Therese Pottie*
JW Rooney*
Debbie Samson
        Toosje Van de Sande

Halifax-Yarmouth Diocese

Joline Belliveau
Ann Bradbury*
        Shirley Campbell
Joan Covey*
Patricia Crossman
Joan Cunningham
Audrey Devanney*
        Theresa Duann
Anne C. Fraser *
Sharon Harland*
Anna Hawkins
Marian Hepditch Littlepage*
Nora Kelly*
Connie Lai Fatt
Margaret MacDonald *
Mary MacDonald
        Iola MacEachern*
Florence MacGillivray*
Mary MacLeod*
Rita May Munro*
        Ann McGray
        Ellen McKinley*
        Ruth Menear*
        Ann Myers
Marie O'Malley
Patricia O'Toole
Janice Peddle
Marguerite Peters*
Nellie Rooney*
Mary Sweeney
Aileen Twohig

Book of Life

"When our loved ones knock on Heaven's door,
our Heavenly Father awaits to greet them with open arms."


        Antigonish Diocese  (See attachment below)

Halifax-Yarmouth Diocese  (See attachment below)